Aliah (Belarus / Poland) – professional bellydance performer, instructor, judge, organizer of “Dance Weekend in Warsaw with stars” festival.

Aliah has performed Bellydance since 2009. For 5 years she actively took part in various contests and festivals winning and taking prize places in many of them. Austria, France, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, France, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia – these are the countries she has recently visited as a festivals participant.

In 2013 she opened her Bellydance classes in Belarus. Her students became winners and champions of Belarussian contests. In 2014 her group became champion of Belarus in the Show category.

Since 2015 she lives in Warsaw, Poland where she performs her own classes too. Her students dance on the best city stages and travel with her to visit festivals all over the Europe.

In 2016 Aliah organized a few dance events in Warsaw. Among them there was a small tribal festival with workshops and a party and a big bellydance festival “Dance Weekend in Warsaw with stars” with the world-famous bellydace stars invited. It attracted dancers from 10 countries: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, France and Ireland.

Beside to be the dancer, judge and organizer, Aliah is a designer of exclusive bellydance costumes, training clothes and accessories. Her web shop – http://www.aliah.fashion

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